Environment Access Control

If you have multiple team members with varying access roles using Prodly, you should be using Environment Access Control. With this feature, you can customize your users’ access to managed environments. This information will review the object and record access levels you can modify to control access to Managed Environments.

Prodly Admin vs. Prodly User Permissions

By default, Prodly sets the sharing model for Managed Environments to private, therefore, users will need to be granted permission to access them. 

To determine which permissions your users need refer to the following chart:

Permission SetsObjectAssingnments Access
Prodly AdminManaged EnvironmentsRead, Create, Edit, Delete, View All and Modify AllView, Create, Edit and Delete all environments
Prodly User Managed EnvironmentsRead, Create, Edit and Delete View, Create, Edit and Delete their own environments

If the permissions granted by the Prodly Admin or the Prodly User permission sets are not ideal, you can create a custom permission set for your users based on the needs for your users.

Organization-Wide Default Settings

Before assigning users individual permissions, it is important to make sure that your Sharing Settings are set appropriately for your Managed Environments. By default, settings will be set to private for Managed Environments. 

To change your Sharing Settings, follow these steps:

  1. Visit ‘Setup’ in your salesforce org and search for ‘Sharing Settings
  2. Here, you will be able to select ‘Managed Environments’ in the dropdown menu 
  3. This will show you your Organization-Wide Default for your managed environments. 

Select the appropriate settings for your Organization-Wide Defaults:

Public Read OnlyAll users can view and report on records but not edit them.
Public Read/WriteAll users can view, edit, and report on all records.
PrivateOnly the record owner can view, edit, and report on those records.

Sharing Rule Override

If you wish to make exceptions to the Organization-Wide Defaults for certain environments and for certain users, you can create a Sharing Rule under ‘Managed Environment Sharing Rules’. 

For example, let’s say you want to provide Read access to all sandboxes for all internal users. To create a Sharing Rule follow these steps:

  1. Give your sharing rule a Name 
  2. For Select Your Rule Type choose ‘Based on criteria’ 
  3. In the Criteria select ‘Instance Type’ ‘Equals’ ‘Sandbox’
  4. In Share with select ‘Public groups’ and ‘All Internal Users’ 
  5. In Access Level select ‘Read’
  6. Click Save