Release Notes | Version 11.7

We’re moving towards more frequent releases so we can deliver our features quicker. To keep things simple, we’ve adopted a new release naming convention. Our Spring ‘22 Release will now be named AppOps 11.7 and our next release will be AppOps 11.8. Any hot fixes we apply will be named AppOps 11.7.1.

AppOps Release

Query Builder

Simpler SOQL query filter overrides when deploying data sets in the Guided Deployment and Seed Sandbox tabs. An advanced query override is still available by switching modes.

Filtering in Deployment History

Quickly find older deployments by filtering through the Deployment History table using the Source and Destination columns. Select Environments or Version Control Branches as part of your search.

Version Control for an Existing Environment

Add an existing environment to your Version Control flow from any selected environment in the Environments tab. AppOps creates a new branch with data from your main branch, which you can later save to or deploy from.

Latest Deployments Overview

Quick overview of the 5 most recent deployments made to a chosen Environment in the Environments tab.

Last Modified By for Metadata Deployments

View the Last Modified By username on each component when deploying metadata components in the Guided Deployment tab.

Unique Deployment Names

Deployment names will now be required to improve the experience of finding older deployments later on. AppOps automatically generates a name for each deployment which can be edited on the spot before you deploy.

Resolved Issues

PM-104Save to Branch and Deploy from Branch Modals have still “org” instead of “env” labels
PM-141Deployment activity error handling
PM-208Preview – 500 error and page doesn’t load
PM-230Seeding source and destination when org is selected the search should not be available unless selection is removed
PM-268Edit/Pencil icon in environment details card shows grey background
PM-271Error message for invalid query is malformed
PM-274Control org authentication when Oauth App is blocked should return with a custom error
PM-325Instance name is missing from the new created control org
PM-331User without Admin permission should not have manage objects & remove options available
PM-349Managed objects are only searchable with lowercase letters in VC setup wizard
PM-395Managed Field should look up to Managed Relationship not Relationship
PM-471Control connection missing should show authentication page
PM-483Change root object will cause the table to not show preselection neither the available objects checkboxes
PM-494AppOps Release not opening
PM-502Unable to unmanage instance with deployment history
PM-504Delete deployment record results will fail in an org with more than 50K records
PM-78Save to branch is showing wrong error if VC is missing repo
PM-80Email templates are hardcoded to Modified status
PM-82Removing VC should reflect in Env cards right away
PM-83Env card with long name, on hover the tooltip is misplaced
PM-85Change manage objects cannot be deployed
PM-88Final step for VC setup small UI fixes
PM-98Seeding the deployment objects header is missing the tooltip