Use Change Type

A user has the ability to establish a development environment for specific changes, offering all necessary resources to make and verify modifications.

After finishing the setup of change type steps, you can proceed as follows to utilize it:

  1. Go to the Release Tab
  2. Select Environments
  3. Press the ‘Create from Change Type’ option at the top right corner
  4. A new dialog box will appear where you can select from your pre-existing change types via the dropdown menu (created in Plan Tab)
  5. Select a Change Type
  6. Assign a Scratch Org Name
  7. Press the ‘create’ button located at the bottom left corner

A ‘Creating Scratch Org’ message will show up in your environment list and your environment, equipped with the selected change type data, will be prepared for use

Please note that the creation of Change Type won’t function if your controlling organization (where Prodly is installed) is a Sandbox.