Select Fields for Deployment

To select the object fields to deploy:

  1. From the Data Set Editor, in Tabs view, click the Object Fields tab.
  2. When you create a data set element, Release selects Copy All Fields by default to instruct Release to deploy all of the fields in the object, even fields you might add to the object after creating the data set. Prodly recommends using the default setting.
  3. Alternatively, if you have a specific reason to do so, deselect Copy All Fields and select individual field checkboxes to specify which fields to deploy.

Lookup fields don’t have checkboxes and appear in the field list solely to give you access to their property settings. To include objects referenced by the lookup fields in your deployment, use the Parent Relationships and Child Relationships tabs.

Whether deploying all fields or individual fields, Release skips source org fields that do not exist in the destination org.