Learn the Fundamentals

Test Building Blocks

With Test you can say goodbye to Hotfixes and Firedrills to improve data quality and reduce errors. Test has 3 main components to authorize, automate, and report on your Salesforce data.

  • Test Templates: Simply a list of fields (from one or more objects) for future use by test cases.
  • Test Cases: Tests specific functionality using the fields from the test template.
  • Test Runs: is a collection of test cases and the results of executing those test cases.


For maximum flexibility and versatility, you build Test components in this order:

  1. Start by installing the Prodly managed package in the org where your Salesforce CPQ installation resides.
  2. Identify the object fields to test, storing the list of fields as a test template.
  3. Test templates are the building blocks for test cases. Create a test case by selecting a template and other parameters that define what to test. On save, the test case executes and captures the results in the test case to use later as a baseline.
  4. Test cases are the building blocks for test runs. Create a test run by first selecting one or more test cases and then executing the test cases to generate test run results, which are then stored in the test run.
  5. In the future, rerun (automatic clone and run) the test run to generate a new set of test run results.