Release Notes | Version 12

Release Date | November 16th 2022


With each release, Prodly strives to improve our product and deliver the results and features our users need to make their work easier and more efficient. Our release notes are available to our users to review our most anticipated feature releases including requests and suggestions provided by our customers and updates on our latest bug fixes. 

What we are most excited about

Highlights from our latest release

  • Jira Cloud Integration
    • Users can now link Jira issues to deployments in Guided Deployment and Sandbox Seeding
    • The tool allows users to search for Jira issues by ticket number or ticket name to link to their deployment
    • Linked Jira issues can be seen in the Deployment History
    • All users will have access to the connected Jira Cloud account and their accessibility to ticket selection will be determined by their level of access within Jira
    • Only users with the ‘AppOps Account Settings Manage’ custom permission will be able to connect / disconnect Jira setup 
    • ‘Work Item Trackings’ are created for every linked Jira issue and show the deployment results link, and source/destination for the deployment
  • Scratch Org Creation and Deletion
    • Enabling an Org Shape in Dev Hub is no longer required for scratch org creation
    • Users can now select a source org on the Scratch org creation card which will indicate the Org Shape to take, including where to pull the Data, Metadata and Installed Package selections from
    • Users can now install data by selecting a Data set or Deployment Plan during the Scratch Org creation process
    • Users can now install Metadata from selected comparison views
    • When removing a Scratch Org, users will see the option to ‘Delete This Scratch Org’ which will remove it from salesforce and free up a Scratch Org in the Active Scratch Org limit 

For our users, from our users

Suggested improvements and feature requests from our users

  • Mandatory Commit Message for Version Control Set Up and Save to Branch
    • Users will not be able to proceed with setting up Version Control or completing any Save to Branch operations without entering a commit message
  • Access Control Settings Added to Settings in AppOps Release
    • Users can now quickly navigate to their Access Control Settings by using the link to ‘Sharing Settings’ from the Settings page in AppOps Release 

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Latest fixes and updates

  • PM-1429 Reconnecting to a repository that a user does not have access to will show as not connected and will not create a connection record
  • PM-1444 Source records and Destination records shown by name in Deployment History
  • PM-1554 Before changing the source or destination in Guided Deployment and Sandbox Seeding users will receive a pop up message to advise them of the changes that come with altering the source or destination for Metadata and Data deployments
  • PM-1567 Activated Date will show the date from the source org for inserts when using Set Audit Fields feature
  • PM-1730 Users without Prodly permissions will see message indicating they require permission to view the AppOps Release tab
  • PM-1850 Queries with NOT LIKE cannot be included in WHERE clauses
  • PM-1931 Attempting to commit to a protected branch with Azure will not commit and will provide a message indicating the branch is protected and commit is not possible
  • PM-1932 Attempting to commit to a locked branch with Azure will not commit and will provide a message indicating the branch is locked and commit is not possible

Managed Package Schema Changes

This release contains the following changes to the managed package schema. Prodly Permission Sets have been updated to reflect these new components for package 1.221.

*Required: Requires at least read access to this component to use the application

Component Name (Label)Component Type
Parent Component
Work_Item_Tracking__c (Work Item Tracking)Custom ObjectRepresent tracking a work item in an integrated system, such as Jira.Yes
Work Item Tracking LayoutPage LayoutWork Item TrackingPage layout for the new object.
Work_Item_ID__c (Work Item ID)Custom FieldWork Item TrackingID of the work item in the external systemYes
Work_Item_Type__c (Work Item Type)Custom FieldWork Item TrackingExternal system type for this item.Yes
Deployment__c (Deployment)Custom FieldWork Item TrackingAssociated work item tracking with a deployment.Yes