Create a Test Case

To create a test case: 

  1. From the Test Cases page, click New Test Case.
  2. Type a meaningful Test Template Name and Description.
  3. Select the Environment that you will provide the record ID to test against from
  4. In the Function list, select the function the test case executes. Options available in the current release are:
    • Calculate – Test price quote calculation using the Salesforce CPQ Calculate Quote API, which is the equivalent of selecting products in the quote line editor and clicking Calculate. To produce valid test case baseline values, you need a quote containing at least one quote line. Refer to the Calculate Prices Trailhead Module for more information.
    • Contract – Test contract creation using the Salesforce CPQ Contract Generator API, which is the equivalent of selecting Contracted on an opportunity record to create a contract. To produce valid test case baseline values, you need an account with an uncontracted opportunity that has a primary quote (with a valid Start Date and either Subscription Term or End Date) containing quote lines with at least one subscription product. Refer to Creating a Contract from an Opportunity for more information.
  5. In the Test Template list, select a test template to be the basis of the test case.
  6. In the Quote ID box, enter the ID of the quote record you’d like to test.

You can find the 18-character ID in the address bar of your browser when looking at the quote record in Salesforce. For example, a1T4T000000QNBfUAO.

  1. For amend and renew, creating a test case includes creating a quote record and an opportunity record as part of capturing the baseline values. To retain (not automatically discard) these created records, select Keep Created Records.

The Baseline Value:

  1. Capture the baseline values and save by clicking Save to save the test case.
  2. Test queues the test case for baseline values capture and sets Baseline Status to Queued.
  3. When capture is complete, Test sets Baseline Status to Complete and stores the results as baseline values in the test case for future comparison by test runs.