View Deployments From Azure

To view Deployments that have been linked to Work Items within the Azure App, users must first install the Prodly Extension.

To install the Prodly Extension:

  1. Visit the Visual Studio Marketplace
  2. Install the Extension

Once the Prodly Extension is installed, users will have to set up their Azure Boards Integration in Prodly. If the Azure Boards Integration was set up prior to installing the Extension, users should choose ‘reconnect’ on the existing connection.

Once the Extension and the Integration have been set up, users can then visit Azure and see deployments that are linked to work items:

  • Users can open their work items that have been linked to deployments
  • From the work item in Azure users can see a section labeled ‘Prodly’ 
  • This section will list recent deployments related to this work item
  • There is also a link for fast access to the Deployment History in Prodly