Prodly AppOps Platform

New Features and Enhancements 

All Products in a Single App 

The AppOps Release change management features have matured to the point where we can merge the two apps into one. Going forward, the Prodly AppOps managed package contains just one app (with versions for Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience), containing all the tabs for all the products, organized in a more intuitive flow.

Upgrade customers need to complete several manual configuration steps to gain full access to the merged features.

Salesforce API Support 

We have upgraded the Prodly AppOps platform to support Salesforce API v51 (Spring ‘21).

Resolved Issues 

This table lists resolved issues in Prodly AppOps Spring ‘21 major and minor releases.

IDDescriptionRelease Date
AP-4458Improve order of initial checks.
We’ve resequenced the initial validity checks (valid license, valid account, control org, etc) when displays the AppOps Release and AppOps Test tabs to present any errors in an order that better diagnoses the problem.
May 25, 2021
AP-4406Tabs don’t work in Safari.
Privacy settings for the Safari web browser prevent the AppOps Release and AppOps Test tabs from displaying. Refer to Configuring the Safari Browser for details.
May 4, 2021