Jan 2022


Release date | January 11, 2022

New Features and Enhancements

Quickly see exactly what’s changed between environments

We’ve made working with metadata easier than ever. Visually compare metadata components to quickly identify metadata components differences, and drill into who made the change, when, and the specific value differences. Plus get to the metadata you care about faster with comparison views that filter down metadata compares to a subsets of components.

Streamlined environment management

Get started on work in new orgs even faster with a streamlined environment management.

New custom permissions

New custom permissions give you even more control over account settings, control environment authentication, and metadata.

Improved tracking for audit and compliance

Maintain full audit history regardless of how your environments change over time. Deployment results now continue to identify source and destination even if the associated connection records no longer exist.

New Version of AppOps DX Plugin Available

A new version of our AppOps CLI Salesforce DX plugin is available to all customers. Features include managing an environment, deploying, executing test runs, and more.

Feature Retirements