Install the Prodly Deployment Connected App

This action invalidates all your control environment! Install and configure this app only for the reasons described below, then recreate your control environment. You do not need this connected app to use authorized access (refresh OAuth flow) connections.

Prodly uses a separate Salesforce connected app to control execution of Release environments that use the JSON web token (JWT) OAuth flow. To configure the Prodly Deployment connected app:

  1. In Setup, navigate to Connected Apps OAuth Usage.
  2. Locate the Prodly Deployment app and click Install.
  3. On the Install connected app page that appears, click Install.
  4. On the Connected App Details page that appears, click Edit Policies.
  5. In the Permitted Users list, select Admin approved users are pre-authorized.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Scroll to Profiles and click Manage Profiles.
  8. Select corresponding checkboxes to grant profiles access to the Prodly Deployment connected app.
  9. Click Save.
  10. You can create new preauthorized access environments to give AppOps Release access to your environments using JWT.