Compare Metadata Differences Between Environments

Release compares metadata with a visual viewer that identifies whether the component exists in the source environment only, the destination only, or in both, shows component and subcomponent values, visually depicts how they differ, and lists other pertinent component information.

With metadata loaded in Metadata section of the Deploy page:

  • In the Components column:
    • Expand component categories to reveal components.
    • Use the filter to limit the display to components in the source environment only (green dot), the destination only (red dot), or in both with differing values (blue dot).
    • Select a component to reveal its values and subcomponents.
    • Select a component’s checkbox to include the component in your deployment.
  • In the Subcomponents column:
    • Select a subcomponent to reveal its values.
  • Select Show Only Selected to limit the display to components with selected checkboxes.

With a component or subcomponent selected, the Source and Destination columns show pertinent component details and use green, red, and blue to show how the attribute values differ.