The main purpose of governor limits is to guard against software and system failures. By enforcing governor limits, Prodly ensures that both the Prodly Salesforce app and the Prodly backend service retain reasonable performance and do not breach sizes and limits for memory, CPU, heap, threads, and time.

Governor Limits Table 

This table lists the governor limits Test enforces, along with whether enforcement takes place in the Prodly Salesforce app and/or in the Prodly backend service. Whenever possible, enforcement takes place in the application UI.

Maximum test fields per test template.50YesNo
Maximum quote lines per test case.500YesNo
Maximum baseline values per test case.25,000YesNo
Maximum test cases per test run.1000YesNo
Maximum records per test case. Test silently skips records above the limit.50,000YesNo
Maximum concurrent test cases executions.1000NoYes
Maximum number of test run result records per API batch request allowed by Salesforce.2000NoYes
Maximum test case execution time in seconds.180NoYes
Maximum scheduled test runs.10YesNo


The current release of Test focuses on testing and verifying this Salesforce CPQ functionality:

  • Quote and quote line price calculations
  • Quotes and quote lines created from the subscriptions and assets of an amended contract
  • Quotes and quote lines created from the subscriptions and assets of a renewed contract
  • A contract’s subscriptions and assets created from quotes and quote lines​

And can test these field types for both standard and custom fields:

  • Text fields (255 characters or less)
  • Number fields
  • Currency fields
  • Date fields
  • Formula fields

You can also include support for your custom fields. Refer to Adding Reference Fields for details.

Using the Salesforce CPQ Quote and Quote Line objects, testing price calculation, a contract amendment, and contract renewal can alert you to record level failures resulting from unintentional changes or errors. Potential causes for failures include changes to:

  • Price rules
  • Price rule formulas
  • Custom scripting in the quote calculator plugin
  • Evaluation order
  • Discount schedules
  • Contracted pricing
  • Multi-dimensional quoting setup
  • Process builder
  • Workflow rules
  • Approval thresholds
  • Target amount functionality
  • Price waterfall impacts
  • Apex triggers on the Quote and Quote Line objects
  • Quote and Quote Line object-related formula fields, field metadata, and lookup table data

Test is not a debugging tool that identifies the cause of failures. Instead, Test reports unexpected output results, which in turn alerts you that something related to quote and quote line records has unexpectedly changed.

Additional Tips 

Delete Unneeded Historical Test Runs 

Keep an eye on how much storage your test runs are using and delete unneeded test runs. The estimated size of 4000 test run result records is about 7MB.