Release Notes | Version 11.14

Release Date | 07.07.2022


With each release, Prodly strives to improve our product and deliver the results and features our users need to make their work easier and more efficient. Our release notes are available to our users to review our most anticipated feature releases including requests and suggestions provided by our customers and updates on our latest bug fixes. 

What we are most excited about

Highlights from our latest release

  • Install Templates
    • Templates from Prodly’s success community can now be installed directly from the AppOps Release tab
    • Navigate to settings to see data set and deployment plan templates available for install and view the templates you have already installed
    • Newly published templates will be flagged with ‘NEW’ for seven days after their release
    • Tooltip will appear to install/uninstall a template
    • Navigating away from the settings tab will not halt the installation
    • Published date and labels indicating if the template includes a data set or deployment plan appear on each template
  • Mass Addition of Metadata Types
    • Prodly will now support most of the 200+ supported Metadata types enabled by changesets with a few exceptions listed on the help site 
    • Comparison views
    • All Metadata types are available in the Metadata diff viewer, however, detailed diff may still be unsupported

For our users, from our users

Suggested improvements and feature requests from our users

  • Job status changed to ‘In Progress’
    • Once a deployment has been submitted the job status will no longer be ‘Submitted’ and now shows ‘In Progress’
    • This indicates that the deployment is processing 
  • Successful VEID mapping from Developer Sandbox to a Full Copy Sandbox after both have been refreshed from Production
    • VEID mapping will now exist between a Developer Sandbox to a Full Copy Sandbox when both have been refreshed from production
    • No duplicates should be created when both environments have been simultaneously refreshed from Production and data is seeded from the Developer Sandbox to the Full Copy Sandbox
  • Version Control now supported for new environments added with JWT
    • Users can now use Version Control in new environments that have been added using JWT
  • Job for turning on Version Control and adding new environments now showing in deployment history
    • When Version Control is turned on in an environment or a new environment is added with Version control this job shows in the deployment history for reference

Bug Fixes & Enhancements

Latest fixes and updates

  • PM-325 Instance name now showing account name as default for a newly created control environment 
  • PM-944 Standard user with Prodly user permission set can now access AppOps Release
  • PM-1098 Selected objects from previous version control set up are no longer retained once the setup is removed and a new setup is created using access token
  • PM-1104 Consumption schedule and consumption rate with managed fields and relationships configured can now be successfully deployed when using Version Control
  • PM-1127 Deletion operation for version control can now be completed without check in operation being completed first
  • PM-1130 Deprecated label added to ‘Deploy After Relationship’ field in managed field page layout
  • PM-1147 Mapping a destination for an object field with an apostrophe in the name no longer removes all destination field values
  • PM-1154 Destination field for transformations on formula types can now be edited for mapping
  • PM-1155 Reauthenticating a connection with credentials linked to another environment will no longer create the connection with the incorrect credentials
  • PM-1156 Comparison view search results will appear dynamically as the user types what they are looking for 
  • PM-1160 Underlined text for ‘Added By’ and ‘Owner’ no longer appear as underlined as they do not contain hyperlinks
  • PM-1162 ‘Request a license’ message no longer appears when user has a renewed and active license
  • PM-1170 When license and license account are removed from a control the control org will take the name of the Prodly Account Name and will no longer appear as a URL
  • PM-1191 AppOps Release tab can now be accessed regardless of permissions and permissions will only limit what can be accessed within the tab
  • PM-1198 Managed environments with JWT (with and without version control) now appear in environments once a connection has been created

Managed Package Schema Changes

This release contains the following changes to the managed package schema. Prodly Permission Sets have been updated to reflect these new components for package 1.212.

Component Name (Label)Component Type
Parent Component
ComparisonViewTriggerApex Trigger
Comparison ViewTrigger which enforces a single default comparison view.
Default__c (Default)Custom FieldComparison ViewIdentify the default comparison view.Yes
Record_Name__c (Destination Record Name)Custom FieldDeployment Record ResultStores the name of the deployed destination record.Yes
Source_Last_Modified_By_Full_Name__c (Source Last Modified By Full Name)Custom FieldDeployment Record ResultStores the full name of the last modified by user of the deployed source record.Yes
Source_Record_Name__c (Source Record Name)Custom FieldDeployment Record ResultStores the name of the deployed source record.Yes
TemplateWebServiceApex ClassGlobal Apex service to import data templates.

*Required: Requires at least read access to this component to use the application