Build a New Data Set

This topic lists the typical steps needed to create a data set. Refer to the data set editor topics for a full description of all data set creation features.

Data sets are instructions that tell AppOps Release what to deploy. Each data set contains a data set element for each object you desire to deploy. Each data set element describes which related records from its object to copy during deployment. Create and store as many data sets in your control org as you desire for all your data transfer needs.

To build a new data set:

  1. From the Data Sets Home page, click New.
  2. In the Data Set Element Name box, enter a name that doubles as both the name of the data set and the name of the root element of your data set.
  3. The data set editor needs to know which schema to use when you select objects and fields for deployment. By default, AppOps Release uses the schema from your control org. To select the schema from a different org:
    1. In the right side of the header, click the Data Set Controls (gear) icon and select Schema Settings.
    2. In the Schema Org list, select one of the existing connections to tell AppOps Release which org contains the schema to use during data set creation.