How to Transition from Deployment Center to Guided Deployment

Guided Deployment is replacing the Deployment Center and Deployment Center will no longer be able to be used for running deployments. Users who have not changed their Deployment Flow to Guided Deployment will continue to be redirected to the Deployment Center when selecting ‘Deploy’ on the Data Set Editor until this feature is fully deprecated.

Prepare Users for the Change

This Transition to Guided Deployment Guide walks users through the user interface and user experience changes related to this transition.

Update Default Deployment Flow

To be redirected to Guided Deployment when selecting Deploy on the Data Set Editor follow these steps:

  1. Go to Setup
  2. Search the Quick Find Box for Custom Code (Develop in Salesforce Classic)
  3. Visit Custom Settings
  4. Select AppOps Settings
  5. Select Manage.
  6. Click New or Edit.
  7. For Deployment Flow, enter ‘Guided Deployment’.
  8. Click Save.

Manage Environments

Legacy Connections do not automatically create Environments. Follow the instructions to Add an Environment in Guided Deployment.

Remove Deprecated Managed Package Components

The following components from the Managed Package will be deprecated along with Prodly’s Deployment Center. The Prodly Admin and User Permission Sets will no longer provide access to the following components.

To avoid user frustration, we recommended removing the associated tabs and access granted through profiles to these components.

  1. Connections Tab
  2. Deployment Center Tab
  3. DeployDataSet Visualforce Page
  4. DeploymentCenter Visualforce Page
  5. NewConnectionEditor Visualforce Page
  6. NewConnectionController Apex Class
  7. NewConnectionControllerTest Apex Class
  8. DeploymentCenterController Apex Class
  9. DeploymentCenterControllerTest Apex Class
  10. DeploymentController Apex Class
  11. DeploymentControllerTest Apex Class
  12. DeploymentComponentController Apex Class
  13. DeploymentComponentControllerTests Apex Class