As with any software, issues invariably arise. This topic describes approaches related to troubleshooting and solving those issues.

Help Site 

Our help site at contains product documentation, product installers, and product release notes to assist you with all Prodly product offerings.

Support Community 

In addition to the help site, our user community at contains many documents, deployment templates, tools, and other information to assist you in deploying data efficiently and securely.

Solutions Database 

When encountering issues, start looking for answers by searching our solutions database. The database is connected to our Salesforce Cases and contains detailed descriptions of error messages and answers to many common questions.

Simply copy any error message from your deployment results and paste it into the Solutions Search box to access detailed explanations and solutions to all AppOps Release error messages. Or enter keywords to search for related tips and tricks.

Custom Settings 

The Prodly AppOps managed package contains both public and protected custom settings that allow you, as well as the Prodly technical support team, to customize the behavior of the app. All settings are hierarchy-based.

Public Settings 

These custom settings are available to AppOps Release admins at Setup > Custom Code (Develop in Salesforce Classic) > Custom Settings > AppOps Settings > Manage > Edit (or New):

  • Debug Deployment Email – Specifies the email address AppOps Release uses during deployment debugging.
  • Debug Deployment – Turns deployment debug mode on and off. When selected, instead of calling the Prodly AppOps service endpoint to initiate deployment, the Prodly AppOps app emails the data set to the Debug Deployment Email address. This mechanism allows the Prodly technical support team to debug customer issues by reproducing and running the scenarios through a developer debugger.
  • Deployment Flow – Controls how the Deploy button in the data set editor and the deployment plans page works. Set the value to Guided Deployment to invoke the wizard-based guided deployment flow. Set to Deployment Center or leave blank to invoke the legacy deployment center flow.
  • AppOps Environment – Directs the Prodly AppOps app to use an environment other than the Prodly AppOps production environment, such as a beta/preview environment. For use only under the guidance of the Prodly support team.
  • No Record Results – When selected, AppOps Release does not create deployment result tracking records for any individual source data record AppOps Release attempts to deploy. Enable this setting to use less memory in your control org.

Selecting this setting impacts the accuracy of the deployment records reports.

  • No Success Record Results – When selected, AppOps Release creates deployment result tracking records for each individual source data record AppOps Release unsuccessfully deploys, but not for records AppOps Release successfully deploys. Enable this setting to use less memory in your control org.
  • Object Selector Page Size – Specifies the number of objects to display in the Deployment Object picklist in the data set editor. For orgs with a large number of custom objects, set a lower number to improve performance.

Protected Settings 

Additional Prodly AppOps custom settings are available only to the Prodly technical support team, through granted login access. The following list contains some examples:

  • A setting to specify the maximum number of destination orgs the Prodly AppOps service can deploy to during a single deployment.
  • A setting that specifies the version of the Salesforce API that AppOps Release uses.

Prodly AppOps Service IP Ranges 

Some users whitelist incoming calls to their Salesforce instance.

To determine the IP ranges to whitelist for the Prodly AppOps service:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Locate each entry containing both “region”: “us-east-2” and “service”: “EC2”.
  3. The associated “ip_prefix”: IP ranges are the ranges to whitelist.

Further Assistance 

If you need further assistance, contact Prodly technical support at