Prodly uses Salesforce managed package push upgrades to distribute both major and minor releases to existing customers. So for orgs with existing installations, you only need to configure the upgrade once we've pushed it out. For orgs without an existing Prodly AppOps installation, you need to both install and configure the managed package.

The Prodly AppOps managed package contains these products:

  • AppOps Release
    • Automates org-to-org reference data deployment using data sets via the Prodly (formerly Moover) app.
    • Provides the ability to manage, track, and deploy reference data changes to Salesforce orgs from a version control system (VCS) via the Prodly AppOps app (coming Summer ‘20).
  • AppOps Test
    • Automates regression testing of complex Salesforce workflows, like Salesforce CPQ.
    • Uncovers issues you unintentionally introduce during development work.
Information Licenses determine the products you can access.

Each Prodly AppOps for Salesforce product consists of one or more native Salesforce apps and a proprietary, backend, cloud-based service. Prodly distributes all product apps in a single Salesforce managed package (called Prodly AppOps), which resides on the Salesforce AppExchange. The managed package contains the Prodly AppOps and Prodly apps.

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